Bamenda2 Council - A resort to enhance true development

A befitting modern architectural landmark
designed to meet international standards.

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Mbingfibieh Quarter - A Natural Scenery Hosting The BIIC

A beautiful site, where you can have
a peaceful stay in a tropical paradise

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A host to several meetings and national events

The people behind the scene
You would like to be one of them

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MINEDUB 2010 Donations

Providing a Conducive Environment 
To ensure Quality Education

The Bamenda II Council 2015 Mini-Agric Show

The 2015 session of the Bamenda II Council Mini Agric Show was decorated with lots of natural food items, cattle, crafts works and others.

Award of prices to various participants was also an outstanding initiative for this years Mini Agric-Show.

Seeking to adequately develop our community - rich in socio economic diversity

Enjoy Our Touristic Potentials